Let’s be honest. Most of parenting involves some sort of wiping.

I have three little boys and I wipe stuff all day long. Counters, floors, spills, high chairs, cheeks, hands, bottoms, pee on the toilet seat, pee on the bathroom floor, pee on the bathroom wall (did I mention I have three little boys?).

You get the picture. Maybe you are this picture.

When you find something that truly simplifies the cleaning game, you tell other parents about it.

So let’s talk about how and why I clean pretty much everything with one simple, non-toxic product I make at home.

Water – But Better

I’m talking about electrolyzed water. No, not the stuff you drink after a workout. I’m talking about water, that when mixed with electricity in just the right way, becomes a powerful and safe cleaning product.

Here’s a neat video that explains the science going on here.

Go Science!

The key is that you are taking good old tap water, plus a little salt and vinegar, and turning it into a completely non-toxic cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. And it’s useful pretty much everywhere.

Here are just some of the things I clean with electrolyzed water.

  • countertops (unlike vinegar, it’s safe on stone counters)
  • hardwood and tile floors
  • cutting boards
  • cabinets
  • stovetop
  • sinks
  • inside of fridge
  • toilet – this one is major if you’re potty training!
  • freshening shower, shower curtain and bath mat
  • mirrors and windows/glass
  • furniture
  • disinfecting toothbrushes and bath toys
  • upholstery and carpet spot cleaning
  • all the baby stuff – toys/gear/pacifiers/changing table/diaper pail etc.
  • cleaning water bottles, sippy cups, lunch boxes
  • sports gear, gym bags
  • carseats
  • yoga mat
  • pretty much anything stinky, dirty or smelly…yes really

This one product replaces several others for me. I no longer buy a separate all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, upholstery cleaner, disinfectant spray etc. No, it’s not the only cleaning product in my house, but it has dramatically simplified my cleaning routine.

Not only that, it’s an EPA registered disinfectant too.

One of the main reasons I started using electrolyzed water two years ago, was that I wanted something non-toxic that I could use in the kitchen when preparing food, or to spray on baby toys, that had true germ-fighting power.

Either I found something that killed germs but was smelly and toxic, OR I found something non-toxic but it didn’t really kill germs.

Force of Nature is the best of both worlds.

So what’s it really like?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what electrolyzed water can do, let’s dive into some of the questions I’ve gotten over the past two years.

What’s wrong with the cleaning products I use now?

It depends on what you are using. But the scary truth is that many cleaning products – even some that are marketed as “natural” or “green” – often contain unhealthy and unnecessary fragrances, dyes, preservatives, surfactants, and, well, a lot of other chemicals.

Ingredients found in cleaning products have been associated with a number of health concerns – including allergies, asthma, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity and cancer.

For many of these questionable chemicals, there is evidence of a health threat, but the jury is still out as to exactly how, or how much, may be harmful to our health.

What’s more, corporations are not required to thoroughly test, or disclose, all the of the ingredients in their products. This leaves us consumers wondering what to do.

I adopt the precautionary principle, and avoid as many questionable ingredients as possible.

Use it now and ask questions later is just not OK when it comes to the health and well being of my family.

Force of Nature Non-toxic Cleaner is safe for your family.

It’s especially important to use non-toxic products around little ones. Children’s developing systems are more susceptible to the effects of toxins, and pound for pound, their exposure to toxins is greater than that of adults.

Not to mention that they put pretty much everything in their mouth.

The products you use around your home absolutely matter to your family’s health, so why not make the best choices possible, right?

Where don’t you use Force of Nature?

Although electrolyzed water is super versatile, there are a couple of places where I don’t use it. I don’t use it on stainless steel. Stainless is a tricky surface to clean, and I’ve found that I need an oil-based product to really get the kid’s fingerprints off. This product works really well on my stainless appliances.

  • I don’t use it for heavy duty shower and tub cleaning. Force of Nature is great as a daily shower, tub and toilet cleaner to keep the stink, grime and germs at bay. However our well water contains so many minerals, that I need a fairly strong citric acid product to remove the hard water deposits. Everyone’s water is different, so this is something you will have to test for yourself. If you don’t have hard water, you’ll likely be fine here (I’ll update when our water softener is installed!).

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Electrolyzed water has actually been used for many years in industry and healthcare. Until recently though, the systems needed to make the water have not been small and convenient enough for the average homeowner to use themselves.

You also won’t find it on the stores shelves because it needs to be made fresh every couple of weeks.

So I need to make it? Is it easy?

Yes and Yes. You want to make electrolyzed water fresh every two weeks in order for it to maintain its full cleaning power. If you use it for even half of the things it’s great for, having extra product after two weeks time will NOT be a problem.

The system comes with one spray bottle, but you’ll want to get some extra good quality ones like these, because you’re going to want to keep one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom!

Making electrolyzed water is super simple – you add a capsule to water and push the button. My kids love helping me make it. They also love helping me clean with it, and I have no worries giving them a spray bottle to help me do so. I probably wouldn’t allow them to spray any other cleaning product on their own!

non-toxic cleaning with force of nature electrolyzed water
He’s cute and he does windows!

Tip: If you have hard or well water, use bottled or distilled to make your Force of Nature because the minerals can disrupt the process.

Does it have a scent?

Yes and no. One of the things I absolutely love about electrolyzed water, other than the fact that I can safely disinfect surfaces, is that there are NO perfumes or fragrances involved.

If you’ve read any of my posts you know that the generic term “fragrance” is probably the number one ingredient that I suggest people avoid. Fragrance is a catch-all term for any number of thousands of chemicals, and companies do not need to disclose what is in their fragrances.

Many fragrance chemicals, such as phthalates, have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental toxicity. You don’t want these chemicals all over your home.

Force of Nature cleaner contains no toxic fragrances

You’ll notice that electrolyzed water has a mild, fresh smell – which I describe to people as swimming pool-like, but not as harsh or chlorine smelling.

This does not bother me at all and disappears quickly after I use the product. Everything is left just clean. No toxic chemical residue. No stinky perfume smell. I’m extremely sensitive to scent and fragrance, so for me this is major.

If you’re someone who likes their home to have a little scent – and many people do – a non-toxic candle or essential oil diffuser will do the trick nicely – without any toxic fumes.

Is it good for greasy messes?

Yes, but here’s the key for the really greasy stuck on stuff. If my counter is really yucky (for example next to the stove after cooking a messy meal) I spray and let it sit for thirty seconds before wiping. Letting it sit is key in this case.

When I’m cleaning and disinfecting my kitchen counters, I will routinely spray them all down really well, let it all sit for a minute or so, and everything wipes up beautifully.

But it just looks like I’m spraying water. Why are there no bubbles?

Something you’ll need to get used to is that there’s no bubbling or foaming when you clean with electrolyzed water. This will throw you off at first because foaming surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are inexpensive and added to lots of products – everything from household cleaners, to shampoo and detergent, and even your toothpaste.

We associate bubbles with clean. We associate fragrance with clean. The industry has made this so.

However, these ingredients can cause irritation. And although chemicals like foaming agents might start from something natural, there is some concern about contamination with toxic byproducts during their manufacturing.

In short, I try to avoid these ingredients whenever I can. You don’t need lots of smelly bubbles to clean your house. Period.

Is it pricey?

The small (recyclable) capsules needed to make Force of Nature cleaner make a 12 oz bottle and are much cheaper (up to 80% cheaper) than conventional cleaners.

In order to make electrolyzed water, you must initially purchase the electrolyzer as part of a starter kit. And yes initially this costs more than just buying another bottle of whatever you may be using now.

Over time however you will end up saving money because you aren’t buying pricey bottles of several different cleaners (which we are told we need but actually don’t).

Check out the cost per ounce as compared to some of the cleaners you might be replacing:

Force of Nature Cleaner can save money

To be honest though, I don’t get too caught up in the ounce per ounce cost comparison thing. The peace of mind and simplicity that the system brings me and my family is by far more important to me than the savings.

Final Thoughts

I’ve used my Force of Nature system for over two years now. I honestly would never want to do without it. It’s not the only cleaning product in my house, but it’s my go to for just about everything.

And if I only used it for potty training and for cleaning kid stuff, it would be worth its weight in gold. But I use it for so much more.

Is it for everyone? No. Some folks will always prefer to buy more traditional or scented cleaners. If you’re one of them, I recommend Seventh Generation or Honest for their overall safety and ingredient transparency.

But if you’re ready to simplify and start truly non-toxic cleaning with electrolyzed water, give Force of Nature (and their 100% happiness guarantee) a shot.

And if you’ve stuck with me through this whole post, I want to thank you with my exclusive code SUMMER25 for 25% off plus free shipping (yup!) on a Force of Nature starter kit.

Happy cleaning!



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