Non-toxic and Natural Beauty Products

So you’ve decided to start making the switch to safer products. Great! But now what?

Finding safe products, ones that work, can feel a bit like a crazy scavenger hunt. You want to feel (at least mostly) good about the products you use, but perhaps don’t know where to start, or what companies truly use safe ingredients.

So here I’ve compiled a guide to some of the safer natural and non-toxic beauty brands that have never let me down.

And here’s what you need to remember. Switching to, and actually sticking with, safer products is more like a marathon than a sprint. So start with one or two items that you use every day (perhaps ones with ingredients on the list below) and try swapping them out for a safer option. You’ll soon find brands that fit your style and be off and running in no time.

A couple of notes. You’ll notice a theme of sampling, which is one of the best ways to figure out what really works for you, without having to spend a lot of money on something that will just sit on your shelf. Been there. Done that.

I’ve also found that most folks use a combination of budget-friendly and higher-end items, so whether you’re looking for a splurge or a steal, I’ve gotcha covered.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite Clean Pretty Wise beauty sites.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them (and decide you love a product as much as I do) I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which helps to support my site. I am only affiliated with brands that I use, love and trust.  


Beautycounter non-toxic beauty products

If you haven’t heard of this company by now, you soon will. Beautycounter is all about safety, transparency, and most importantly, policy reform (something much needed in the beauty industry). Beautycounter offers high-quality, safe products that totally outperform the fancy schmancy department store brands. I adore their entire lineup, but there are a couple of products I’ve just gotta have, like their lovely lip sheers, their (actually-cleans-your-hair) sulfate-free shampoo and the amazingly purifying charcoal mask. If you’ve ever found yourself disappointed with the performance of a natural or non-toxic product, this brand will change your mind.

S.W. Basics

S.W. Basics Natural and Organic Skincare Products

It doesn’t get any cleaner or simpler than the S.W. Basics line of skincare products. While the ingredients are indeed basic (all items are made with five ingredients or less) they are super high quality and mostly organic. Quality control is an issue I’ve found with DIY skincare ingredients, which is why I particularly appreciate this line. Their organic shea butter is the best I’ve found, and a marvelous little product for the dry winter months. Use it as a super moisturizer and a makeup remover. They also offer mini sizes of many products so you can try new things out without a big commitment. Cute and practical.

The Detox Market 

The Detox Market Clean Beauty Samples

The Detox Market actually carries a wide collection of brands including green beauty, organic skincare and natural makeup. The brands are high quality and on the slightly pricier end of the spectrum, which is why I LOVE that they offer samples for most of their products. For less than ten bucks (that includes shipping) you can get a try-me kit with four samples of almost any product they offer (just look for the “sample it” link on the page of the product you’d like to try). I had a lot of fun trying out my samples of RMS “Un” Cover-up, Alima Pure bronzer, and some lovely shades of Ilia Lip Conditioners, which I’m a bit obsessed with right now.

Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is still huge, and it seems like every brand now has their own version. If you’re a mineral makeup lover, you’ll love Everyday Minerals. Beautiful, natural-looking makeup, no junky fillers, and a fair price point. Not into mineral foundation? You’ll still love their bronzers, shadows and blushes. And the best part is that they offer generous-sized FREE samples of many products, so you can make sure you find the right shades for you (just pay a buck or two for shipping). I also love that I can find their full-sized products right on Amazon.

100% Pure

100% Pure Natural and Non-toxic Makeup

If you’re an all-natural makeup fan, this line is for you. 100% Pure prides itself on using the best natural and cruelty-free ingredients, and offers a lovely line of makeup pigmented only with fruit extracts. I particularly love that their nail polishes are free of (not three, not five, but count em ten!) commonly found toxic ingredients. While they don’t offer samples, they have a generous return policy in the rare case something just doesn’t work with your skin.

Acure Organics

Acure Organics non-toxic cleansing cream

This affordable and accessible line aims to “steer people away from toxic chemicals, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for beautiful skin and hair”. Right on. Because at the end of the day, if a product doesn’t perform, you won’t use it. Period.  My favorite product is their soothing cleansing cream, which doesn’t contain harsh sulfates that strip the skin of moisture.

The Honest Company

non-toxic shampoo and baby wash

Most people know the Honest family brand, which is always expanding its lineup and now available at Target and other retail stores. I’ve used many Honest products on myself and my kiddos over the years and love quality and the peace of mind they bring. If you’re a subscribe-and-save type of person, they offer flexible bundles that you can customize and have shipped to your door so you never run out of your favorite home, health and beauty products. I use their sweet orange vanilla shampoo and body wash on my kids and myself. It smells heavenly.

So there you have it.

What are your favorite clean and non-toxic beauty brands? What product do you most want to swap out for a safer option?



Disclaimer: This site is intended to share my own experiences and opinions in an effort to help people more easily find safer products. It should not be considered health or medical advice. Always do your own research and due diligence before trying out new products. 

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